Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ashton's Mission

Back in October Ashton left on his mission.  He is in Washington DC. I can't believe it has already been 5 months since he left. He is doing a great job and having fun. He loves all the people out there.

Here are some pictures when he getting ready to leave. We sure do miss him. It is weird to think that Ashton was about Will's age when Ryan went on his mission!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Camping and Birthday's

 Jack turned 7 on August 5th  he wanted to go camping for his birthday. So Uncle Ashton came up and went camping with Ryan and the boys. Sam turned 10 on the 15th. For Sam's birthday we went swimming and he had football practice that night. Ryan also had a birthday his is on August 17th he turned 35. On August 7th we also had our 13 Wedding Anniversary! Happy August!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ragnar June 16-17

Back in June I ran Ragnar with my friend Jodi, her husband Rich, and some of their friends. On Mother's Day I walked in to Relief Society and Jodi said, "Mel I have to ask you something! Rich just found out that he is going to be out of the country during Ragnar do you want to do it." Yes.  I had from May 9th to June 15th to train. I go to the gym all of the time but I hadn't really been running so that very next day I started running. I ran into Jodi two days later at our sons baseball game and she said there is a 90 percent chance now that Rich will be in town but we won't know for a couple of weeks. But my friend who is suppose to run Ragnar with us is injured and she might need a replacement too. I kept training waiting to hear if I would be running, and if so what legs I would be running. Rich found out that he would be in town, but Jodi's friend really wasn't able to run. Her husband also had a slight injury and wasn't able to run over 3 or 4 miles at a time so he was taking his wife's legs and that ment I would get his legs. He had 2 very hard long legs, and one hard leg. I kind of started freaking out because I had only been running for a couple of weeks at this point. So I started training tons of uphill. The week or so before the race Rich saw my legs and offered to switch me. Thank goodness! My first leg was 3.8 easy. My second was 7.0 hard it was all down hill. I was so worried about running uphill I didn't really do any downhill training oops. I was so sore after my second run. My third run was 5.8 miles moderate it was mainly all uphill but just gradual uphill. We had such a great time. I fueled my body way better than I did when I ran the Red Rock Relay a few years ago and didn't get sick.

We were in the second van!

Our whole team at our 2nd Exchange. Our runner waited a second to snap a picture.

After the race!!!!

Rich and Jodi

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flaming Gorge

Back in July we went on our annual Flaming Gorge trip. We had such a great time. We went with our friends the William's, the William's, and the other William's, and the Williamsen's, and we of course had our little Will.  We also had Big Ryan, Little Ryan, and Brian!
We went cliff jumping!!!

Brooke, Allie, and me jumping. Allie has never gone cliff jumping before.
I did toe touches when I jumped so that is me winding up.

Sam just chillin

My three handsome boys!!!

My cute hubby with a farmers tan!!!

Jack Jack

One of my favorite pictures of Will being Silly.

The boys love hangin with Uncle Ashton.

 Sage and Will acting like ROCKSTARS!

Ashton and Tyler were good buddies on the trip.

My Handsome FELLER

Ashton and Ryan acting like each other!!!

The kids had tons of fun going on RAZOR rides!!

We all did a little WAKEBOARDING. 
Ryan cut my head off.

Our last day we ran out of GAS and had to do a little paddling

and kicking

and some more kicking

Then we got rescued by Justin!!!